Autonomous Ecologies#2

Transforming Collaboration & Economics for the Post-Web

Paris 16 July 2023

The internet was not originally built with the autonomy of its users in mind.

Its roots trace back to the ARPANET, a project by the U.S. DoD, created primarily as a tool for swift communication and knowledge sharing among universities and research institutions. As the internet evolved from its academic origins into a commercialized platform, user autonomy was often overlooked, leaving significant control in the hands of ISPs and major tech companies. Web3, i.e. the union of cryptocurrency with the internet, promised a more decentralized and equitable digital landscape that avoids the monopolistic and privacy-invasive practices of Web 2.0.

Yet, incessant legal obstacles, multi-million dollar hacks and the threat of pervasive surveillance have instilled skepticism about Web3’s vision of a better internet. While we could propose a Web4, Web5, or Web6 to counter these issues, we believe the root of our troubles may lie in the foundational infrastructure of the Web itself. Hence, we propose a new path to address the deeper problems of the Web as whole. Our aim is not just to rethink network technologies, but to venture into unexplored territory: the Post-Web.

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  • Doors Open

    Reception + Breakfast

  • Opening / Intro

    Stellar + Awa

  • The moral character of cryptographic work: revisiting values in the post-web

    Scott Moore

  • Earendil: a ban-resistant decentralized network

    Eric Tung

  • Protocols for local-first peer-to-peer collaboration


  • Radicle: sovereign code collaboration


  • Urbit: post-web computational foundations

    Ted Blackman

  • Panel: Local-First ⬖ P2P ⬖ Collaboration

    Brian Crain (Guide), Cloudhead, TGx, Ted Blackman, Jenny Pollack

  • Lunch

  • Multichain Privacy

    Awa Sun Yin

  • There will be no post-web society without education: lessons from ConsitutionDAO2

    Matt Wyatt

  • Lunarpunk and memetic warfare

    Rose O’Leary

  • Circles Entropy: on basic income and anonymity

    Julio Linares

  • Panel: Narrative, Aesthetics, and Memetics of Privacy

    Althea Allen (Guide), Rose, Claire, Henry

  • Psychodestined Futures

    Stellar Magnet & the Black Sky Arkestra

  • The Autonomous Ecologist's Guide to Namada and Anoma

    Christopher Goes

  • Mandelbot Ecotech: from a bicycle powered & telepathically-controlled vegan snack printer to a protocol and design philosophy that respects human autonomy

    Scott Beibin

  • Decentralized Social Coordination

    Joseph Poon

  • The Internet Isn’t Finished

    Jarrell James

  • Panel: Internet Resilience

    Jarrell James (Guide), Constanza Gallo, Adrian Brink, Ethan Buchman, Eli Krenzke

  • Closing Remarks

    Stellar + Awa

  • Networking Intermission with beer, wine, and Cryborg DJing sounds channeling cosmic curiosity, spacetime, technology and human evolution (Reception area)

  • Arpanet - Reference Frame (Auditorium)

  • Must Exit Venue

Closing Performance


Delve into the realm of electronic soundscapes with Arpanet as he delivers a unique closing performance at AE2

Under his real persona, Gerald Donald, this Detroit-native artist combines his love for science with innovative music production, assuming multiple personas including Glass Domain and Heinrich Mueller. He is also a key member of acclaimed groups Dopplereffekt and Drexciya. Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of industrial electronic music like Kraftwerk, Arpanet has forged his own path, becoming a trailblazer in the world of minimalist yet compelling electronic music. Don't miss the chance to experience this intriguing fusion of science and sound at AE2

Join the Artifact Odyssey & Envision the Post-Web

Imagine for a moment you either possess omnipotence or are part of a technologically superior extraterrestrial or non-human intelligence society tasked with overseeing humanity's progress. While observing the current state of human affairs from the perspective of higher intelligence, you’ve become concerned with the misuse of the internet and communication technologies and have chosen to intervene and restore balance.

To achieve this, you must intervene and interact with humanity to revolutionize Earth's internet and communication infrastructure. Submit your Artifact of higher intervention in the form of a story/article or video/audio. Feel free to go the mystical route with your instructions or to maintain as much logic or concrete information as you’d like. Best Artifacts receive $1000.



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